As we use digital CNC machines to cut our worktops we use a laser to template your new worktops so that we are one tenth of a millimetre accurate. Regular stone tolerances still apply and will vary between applications. ‚ÄčNot many other stone companies offer this service.
Leica 3D Disto Merlin Laser
LT-2D3D Laser Templator
From our laser templating we will produce a CAD drawing for you or your customer to confirm all the relevant details such as hob and sink positioning. All part of the service.
Sketch with measurment
Kitchen 3D model
Kitchen 3D drawing
Stone fabrication is done in several steps. First, the digital countertop layout is sent to the shop to be cut using an automatic and computerized saw-waterjet machine. We have invested thousands of pounds in the latest technology to simplify the process of cutting and ensure that the end product meets accuracy specifications and customer's expectations, coming out perfectly every time. Our fabrication shop is equipped with Terzago CNC Saw/Flow Waterjet; CNC work center; Denver Bridge Saw; and Thibaut surface polisher. Once the countertops are cut, our polishing crew will work on the edge profiles, finishing cuts and other details.

The fabrication process will take one to three weeks, and only starts once the deposit is received, template is made and approved, and all additional information has been finalized.
Flow Waterjet
Intermac Master
Montresor Luna
Terzago Cute
Once the countertops are cut and finished, it is time for installation. After coordinating a date and time, our installation crew will carefully transport the countertops to your home. Once installation is complete, our team will seal the stone and do all necessary clean up, providing instructions on care and maintenance. Installation time varies based on the project. The customer or contractor must be present during the entire installation process.
The Kitchen
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